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Younger Batty

The picture? That’s me. A confused teenager. I was usually confused. That’s why I ended up at secondary school. I failed the eleven plus and missed out on the grammar school up the road. Every day the school bus went past one of the poshest private schools in the country. We’d stick our nose hard up against the windows and watch the posh kids striding across the green, briefcase in hand, to what looked like a royal palace. The posh kids looked so… posh… so different to us “normal kids”. That contrast provided the inspiration for my first book: The Boy and the Briefcase… and the Moose.

The Boy and the Briefcase and the Moose


Publication date Nov. 28, 2021


This is a very embarrassing book.

It’s a book about awkward moments, impossible situations and desperate circumstances; it’s about red faces, cold sweats and serious cringing; it’s about putting your heart on the line and hoping it isn’t squashed by the first train into the station. In short, it’s a book about being a teenager. But that means it’s also about heroes, adventure, excitement, and how that first kiss can turn your stomach, and your whole world, upside down.

Two briefcases arrive at a humble secondary school, accompanied by two boys from a posh private school. Tasked with showing them how the other half lives are three pupils; Josephine, Winston and Andrew. They have to guide these newbies through the madness, mischief and miscreants of their new school… without incident. Fat chance!

A briefcase goes missing. They have to get it back. Worse is, they know who has it.

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